Work Examples and Project Types

Explore some of our work and capabilities.

Vibrant Brand Webistes

Want your business to be memorable? Strong branding with a high quality website will help differentiate you from competitors.

Hapi Acro is a team of acrobatic paragliding pilots who needed a website to help lead their marketing efforts. V4 refined the branding and built a robust, interactive site that is enjoyable to view.

E-commerce Websites

If you sell products online, your website is a pivotal part of your business. Each click can be critical and user experience is paramount.

Shorline Music became the first online guitar retailer in 1995. V4 Studios brought them up to date with a modern, mobile-compatible website. Their site includes a large number of products and an interactive videos section.

Large Organization Websites

If you work in a large organization or have a website with a lot of content, you'll need a site that is easy to navigate. We call it "Information Architecture (IA)", but you'll usually see it in the form of post-its and white-board drawings.

The Father's House is a growing church in San Diego that needed a better way to provide resources online and distribute content in an organized way. V4 built a large site to accomodate their loads of content.

Online Lead Generation

If your business wants to generate new business leads, a solid website with strong calls to action is paramount. Don't miss out on business you can generate both actively and passively!

San Terra Properties is a San Diego based real estate and property management company that needed a strong online presence for their new brand and growing business.