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  • Welcome to the new
    We hope you like it!

    We've been hard at work updating our look and feel (our branding), as well as our website. Here were some of our goals for the new site:  Update our look to match our new classier branding. Provide better explanat...

  • Great gifts for your Web Designer
    Happy with your Web Designer? Get them on of these gifts!

    Ever wondered what to get your web designer for Christmas? Tuts Plus put together a list of great gifts for web designers. It spans a wide price range and they are all solid ideas. Here are my top choices from their sele...

  • Tips for your next website redesign

    Check out these tips! Find someone to advise you on SEO, social media and marketing, in addition to the actual design. Know the basics to have an intelligent conversation with a designer and ask good questions. ...