Check out these tips!

  1. Find someone to advise you on SEO, social media and marketing, in addition to the actual design.
  2. Know the basics to have an intelligent conversation with a designer and ask good questions.
  3. You really need to be able to commit to the website redesign process fully.
  4. Get referrals for agencies from companies who have websites you like.
  5. Do it for the right reason: that you want to improve performance.
  6. Don't do a redesign because it's been a while and you want a new look.
  7. Don't do a website redesign for redesign's sake.
  8. Know who your buyer personas are, and know your current stats so you have a benchmark.
  9. Don't think you know what your customers want... Ask them!
  10. Understand what your website is doing (or not doing) for you now. Then think about how to improve.


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